Walking away the worries of the world


Kilgore Falls which is located in Rocks State Park is in my humble opinion one of the most serene places in Maryland. If you don’t know what you’re looking for you won’t find it.

As I make my way towards the falls and catch sight of; it is here when I start to hear the sounds of the cascading falls. The feeling of pent up frustration from the travails of the day start to recede.


I plant myself at the base of the falls and soak in the solace of the water hitting the rocks, with my eyes closed I happily start to lose track of where I am. The water misting my face slowly brings me back to reality.


As I make my way to the top of falls, I find a spot of the rocks to decompress looking down at the valley below.


A quick look to my right shocks me back to reality and ends my commune with nature… A snake, not just one but two… This was the only picture that I got before I ensured that I was out of range and made my way back down to the land of machines.


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