Looking out, looking past and grabbing the realization


As I stood on the shore I looked out at the horizon, cognizant of the chilled air that was being warmed in my lungs and exhaled back into the world.


That my standing here was a metaphor of sorts.

My looking out at the horizon, past where I stood at the water’s edge.


Stood something I could see, but it was seemingly…

Out of reach … But, this short-sighted observation only tells half of the story.

Why should I limit myself to constructing barriers to what can’t be done, versus finding ways to traverse those barriers?


The memory is short and it allows me to forget my triumphs, when my slipping into the icy depths of defeat were but a formality.

But, I found stepping stones when others saw an impasse.

Why should comfort be taken in the penitentiary of “can’t” when “shall, can and will” have more upside?


Why outrun the answer?


Sometimes being still and drifting away from that which you feel compelled to find a solution for is the answer.

I’ve realized that “looking” for “it” has not paid dividends.

It is my contention via the humble act of paying attention or the conscious state of “Being Still” that patience will enable that hard sought clarity to come into our respective orbits.

I sat here, shivering slightly, knowing that I discovered something that hadn’t been eluding me, but something that I had run from, willingly.

Now, I need for it to catch up and wait I shall.

And we wonder … Why?

This is going to be one of the shortest pieces that I’ve written, as it is just a simple observation.

It is the sad realization that people seem to be more in tune with Reality TV history versus World, American history and the like as it is these pivotal issues that truly impact us.


And we have the audacity to scratch our heads in befuddlement. When many look up to the empty headed characters on our television screens instead of the giants of history.

Words are a fortress


Are abundant … But quality trumps quantity.

Used wisely,


Comprise, compliment, buttress …. Empower.

And serve as a fortress.

From those obstacles that would otherwise separate one from what lies on the horizon…



Progression …

Pouring the marinade … On life.

Life is littered with disappointments …

But it is the disappointments that serve as the marinade

To what could otherwise be a bland, tasteless existence

For it is an essential ingredient of life

That sinking feeling of disappointment, the suspense leading to the culmination …


The aftermath


should, could and would have’s

are the perfect companion to the gloom and morose


Without it…

How could one truly appreciate

how it contrasts with the euphoric feeling …


Me happy on a cliff in Hawaii

Me happy on a cliff in Hawaii

The realization of success


links to the

acquisition of our respective conquests.

The journey isn’t far


Sometimes beauty lies in the distance …

Perliously, within our grasp, but yet so far.

The closer we get, the more obstacles see fit to present themselves.


Daring you to meet them head on…

Do you cross or stand pat?

While you debate

Those obstacles are

Scoffing at your notion

Of conquest …

But victory is your only respite






The fruits of the journey are wrought with beauty and peril


Leaving the climax worth it…