About Shun P’s serial flings with Mother Nature


Admittedly, growing up in Chicago left me somewhat oblivious to the power and hold that Mother Nature can wield over us, if we allow her.

Whenever I can, I always take a deep dive in any state park or natural venue that I encounter to detox from the grime of the urban jungle and cleanse myself from whatever is weighing me down.

Shun P. taking it in

Always leaving in a better state than I came… It is said that a picture speaks a thousands words, so with that being said.

On the cliff

It is my hope that you enjoy the pictures of my respective journeys into the solace, because it is the comfort that I find in her embrace that fuels my musings.


3 thoughts on “About Shun P’s serial flings with Mother Nature

  1. This is awesome bro. Kindred spirits we both retreat to nature, to the woods to get away from the savagery of the city. These pics are great.

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