Why outrun the answer?


Sometimes being still and drifting away from that which you feel compelled to find a solution for is the answer.

I’ve realized that “looking” for “it” has not paid dividends.

It is my contention via the humble act of paying attention or the conscious state of “Being Still” that patience will enable that hard sought clarity to come into our respective orbits.

I sat here, shivering slightly, knowing that I discovered something that hadn’t been eluding me, but something that I had run from, willingly.

Now, I need for it to catch up and wait I shall.


Pouring the marinade … On life.

Life is littered with disappointments …

But it is the disappointments that serve as the marinade

To what could otherwise be a bland, tasteless existence

For it is an essential ingredient of life

That sinking feeling of disappointment, the suspense leading to the culmination …


The aftermath


should, could and would have’s

are the perfect companion to the gloom and morose


Without it…

How could one truly appreciate

how it contrasts with the euphoric feeling …


Me happy on a cliff in Hawaii

Me happy on a cliff in Hawaii

The realization of success


links to the

acquisition of our respective conquests.

I listened


I walked with deliberation, my steps were earnest.

I heard nothing, but the sounds of the Bay…

But, I was compelled to stop.

Strangely, there was no fanfare, no applause, no cheering section.

It was only me.

Who bore witness … To divine intervention.

I grinned.

I knelt …

Feeling the cold sand between my fingers as I wrote out my proclamation.

A declaration, a humble acknowledgement.

That receipt of a long elusive gift…

That I’ve longed for …

Ever since I could remember.



I claimed it…

I sat down, smiling contently.

As I pulled it into my orbit.

Searching for what is in front of me.


Standing here; still, unmoving, wondering. Is it that my faith is weak or is the fear of the unknown?

It is a not-so certain reality that I step out alone.

Perhaps it is my imagination …

But my memory is short of the times past that I’ve never been cast aside with nary a hand from divine intervention.


The air chills my lungs with each breath as I walk on … Knowing the answer.

Solace always puts it together


Gunpowder Falls, Md

Sometimes hearing nothing helps you to hear exactly what is needed.


Gunpowder Falls, Md

Water has the properties to flush toxins out of the body as well as flushing the toxins out of the mind.

Is it easier said than done? Possibly, but often we opt not to make it a priority.


But isn’t sanity worth it or would it be too much like right?

Soothing my soul in the best way I know how – The Falls

Rocks State Park is probably one of the most serene places in Maryland.

I often find myself here when my stress load is at its apex. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous writings, water serves as a dumping ground for what could otherwise be the insanity inducing travails of life.

Often, I sit at the streambed and not unlike a file making its way to a Smartphone or a computer… I download, my eyes are like a USB cable as they provide me connectivity with the flowing current of the water.



Eventually, I break my connection with the water and make my way 190 feet up to a natural rock outcrop that was once a ceremonial gathering place for the Susquehannock, called the King & Queen seat. And I let the wind blow through my person as I survey the life that is teeming below me.



As I make my way down from the King & Queen Seat… I know I can’t leave from the confines of the park without paying my respects to the Falls.

Kilgore Falls is what makes this area so dangerous to the element of time, as I always lose track of it, sitting at the base of the falls, being covered in the cooling mist.


The beauty that is encountered on the way is no match for the splendor of the falls. I always make sure to walk slowly, to absorb every bit of the solace. Keeping my ear trained to capture the initial sound of the falls, is an exercise in suppressing the climatic moment…


As I make my way up the path to the Falls… Each time is like it is my first.



She beckons me closer and commands that I sit… I can’t resist her and I acquiesce.