As I walk ….


And still I walk, knowing … With my mind, eyes, heart and spirit open; ready to receive what has been mandated.

Let me hear you… Let the din and the incessant hum of what can’t and won’t be far away from my orbit…

And still I walk, knowing, dutifully searching. Standing on the pier of life, savoring the gift that I have been given.


Let your presence be all encompassing and omnipresent … Let it echo; reverberate and drown out anything that would dare to challenge it.

Let my footsteps be the white noise on my journey…


Knowing that as I reach the apex of the journey, the path that you have laid… That I will hear nothing … Other than my focus.

Let … Me; have the ecstasy, the sheer intoxication of completion…

And still I walk, knowing.


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