So I found myself … Now what?

This is dripping with Mother Nature.

Shun P. Writes... dot com


This picture sums up the week I spent on the Big Island.

Awe inspiring; breathtaking, invigorating and reflective are some of the adjectives that come to mind.

In retrospect, I was lost but was able to find myself here, but up to this point I was shamefully oblivious to the fact that I’ve been wasting my time. As Hawaii was quick to show herself as an environment that is purely conducive to a being the writer that I’ve been suppressing for longer than I care to admit.

Sometimes it takes a proverbial kick in the pants to reorient yourself back to the things that are truly important, being cognizant of what gives you JOY, rather than doing something that takes JOY from you.

Realizing that I was wasting my time was one thing, but knowing the necessary steps to employ in regaining the steering wheel of my life was another…

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